Sunday, February 8, 2015


                I haven't posted at all this year.I have been busy with work and I had some personal things go on that took most of life out this hobby of mine. I wanted to post this however. It's about Explore I paid for my at wife(at the time) to to join this website and it was $100.00+ and she did not get one job or even go to one casting that was in the city of Orlando. My gut told me not to waist my money but she swore up and down it was legit. I did my own research and it returned a false positive. I mean they had many jobs they posted for Orlando before I paid and had people calling her cell phone telling her they wanted to use her in they're project. They even said you don't need a agent and they assured me that Hollywood changed how they do things. I wasn't sure, I tried acting years ago before and I remember that you need a casting agency(legit one), a Agent if you are serious and need to eventually join the Actors guild. Paying up front money is almost always bad unless if you are paying for acting classes or head shots. The jobs are free because you don't make that much unless if you get speaking role. I didn't make it in that field because I did need to move to ether New York or LA. Miami may be a close third. Orlando maybe  a distant 4th because of Universal and Disney is here.
                I am sure some people may have had success with Explore Talent. I think that there is only small percent that do.  I mean it has to work for somebody right? It is much like the lottery I guess. It seems that after I paid that fee all the jobs I saw for Orlando vanished. They were all Miami, LA, or New York. So what happened to all those acting jobs that seemed to be in every state. I know they can do a movie in any city but the most plentiful is the big three. What I mean is what happened with  showing  all those jobs where we lived and now all of a sudden hardly none? This was a couple of years ago but I always meant to write negative review for that rip off site. They did have some but not as many as what was before I paid. The biggest waist of $100 dollars I did in a awhile. Plus the gigs I did see I found you can find for free at these other sites that's don't charge. This is one you should check out now Actor access mainly because you get basically  the same thing with out paying a dime. It is realistic too you may have to wait awhile for a gig comes up you are qualified for. There are others and I will post them when I find them again. Some you  have to troll until something pops up for your city. I will ad to this post when time permits.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


       I know its been like for ever since I posted. I haven't did one web comic review this year. Let me tell you the main reason why. My Toshiba lap top I brought in January 2014  started acting flaky after a week. The culprit? Error 43 on the singe USB port on left side. It started when I left my Wacom tablet plugged in. At first I figured the CPU needed to be restarted or drive just need to be updated. Restarting did not work, I tried updating through Toshiba and the DEVICE MANAGER said USB drives are up to date. WTF! Okay so I looked online for a solution. Found various info and programs claiming they could fix this. Never try those there is usually a virus attached to them suckers.

           Okay this wasn't going to be a easy fix but I was confident I could do it myself. So I hit Microsoft and Toshiba forums hard. I found out that that people been having this problem with various computers from Asus to Dell. I tried every fix that I found and none worked. Some make work for you though. The type of computer you have can help or make this harder. My options was running out at started to try the risque choices. Messing with the dreaded registry. Chills ran down my spine. I could really mess this computer up. What other choice did I have? I was trying avoid System Restore at all cost. no way did I want to reload all the programs I had on my lap type.

        That did not work ether. Fine I was forced to do the thing I was dreading, System Restore!  A hour later and low and behold hat did not work ether! I was really stumped now. All through these processes I was losing another USB port til I had none working. What was still so funny that I the windows 7 CPU I gave my wife at the time was working just fine. I had a new computer windows 8.1 at it was acting like a--- stuck up female dog. I had one more trick and I tried re installing windows 8.1. So did clean install after I downloaded windows 8.1 preview and it still did not fix the error 43 problem. I knew this would require paying money to fix this now. This became even more evident when my computer would turn on but remain black screen from windows 8.1 preview being unstable. Lucky for me my Toshba computer was still under warranted. Hurray! I had to pay for the shipping in handling which was 29.99 and send my purchase receipt. They sent it back with USB ports and everything working fine. I forget how long it took but it did not take as long as I thought it would take. A month tops and that's counting me sending t to them. I did send additional instructions hand written to address everything I did and tried so when the sent it back I would nod no have the same issues that led to the screen loading black. I like to be thorough. I don't have the links I tried but if you type error code 43 just follow those links and if you are luck you will find something that works for you. I you are still under warranty send that baby quick. Hope this helps someone. This is late post but I was up and running around August 2014.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miraqueen: New Technology Curling Iron


      Welcome to my blog guys and gals. The holidays are coming up and I found some thing that the ladies should love. It called the Miraqueen and it makes curly your locks a ease. It does not seem to matter if she has long and straight hair or stick thin hair that normally does not hold a curl very well. This baby seems to do the job. What is does is let you effortlessly curl every hair. There is no possible way to burn your self from what I have seen.

        I have heard users say that the curls they put in their hair using this device stayed in for almost 25 hours! Wow! You of course have to try this yourself  but most agree that curls will hold firmly for well over ten hours.You can use high settings but your hair is still protected. How you may ask with the well crafted ceramic technology. The led display takes away the guess work. No standard curling iron wheel  turning is needed or used here. The easy to read display and the the timer settings make things so easy to get your hair just right. This new tech curling iron is powerful. You can set it as high as 450 degrees F with as I said earlier that you are in no danger of burns. It will even shut off by it self if not in use for about 5 minutes.

       Now the only thing I think you should be aware of if you using this product from some users I was told is their may be a small learning curve.  Make sure yu have time to play with it some and not in rush. Also make sure you detangle your hair first as one women said. That means brush it straight. I would assume you would do that first any way. With yur now straightened girls ages 10 on up should be able to use this baby like a pro. Also women said be aware that your hair will be gently sucked into chamber when you use it. Some were surprised by this feature so just a heads up.

      For more on this revolutionary product click this link Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron.

Friday, March 28, 2014



           This is old news for most of you, but Gal Gadot as Wonder Women really?  She will be cast to play Wonder Women in the Superman Vs. Batman movie rumored to come out this summer. Now I read all I could find  about this subject before posting my two sense  and after soaking up the info available...  it seems most people are against this. I am as well but only partially. Before I get into that I will put what I learned from various sites and put it altogether into one useful post. I swear most post I came across was vague with not too information but the  obvious headline. Let me show you how it's done.

    Who's Gal Gadot?
To be fair she is a former Miss Israel and best known as part of the Fast & Furious franchise, Gadot is very beautiful, and also very thin(more on that later). Gadot served in the Israeli army for two years. She's 5'9" (5'8" depending where you look) tall and that is a good thing. Gadot may just be tall enough to play Wonder Woman.

               Why all the negative hoopla about her playing Wonder woman? Well I'll try to explain this so even you people who never read a Wonder Women comic can understand. The obvious one is her very thin frame. I'm not talking about her bra size. I mean her overall physique. Yes I know we male artist seem to always draw women well endowed in all areas. Realistically women are rarely shaped like Kim Kardashian or even Jessica Biel in all areas. A girl may have great legs and butt and no boobs or have all that and a non attractive face.  You don't normally get all that together. I say this to point out that I realize finding a actress to match up with the comic book version of a female icon like Wonder Women could be a daunting. On top of that if she does fit Wonder Woman physically to a perfect tee she may not be able to act. However I do think that DC went the cheap route hopping to score big with someone who may have talent but not a high price tag.

Olga Kurylenko
Elodie Young

         Gal Gadot did beat out to Olga Kurylenko and Elodie Young. All these women are a slender fit though. Elodie and Olga are a bit more beefy  compared to the winner. The one thing they all have in common is that exotic look with that 5'9" height or taller. Elodie is the most combat experienced, she practiced karate for about ten years. Why all the fuss about the body type of this character? I will not join  the Diana(Wonder Woman) needs to have DD cups bandwagon. If a actress has that fine, but I am more concerned with her over all thickness. Wonder Woman should have a athletic curvy build which evokes power and sexuality. When I say sexuality I mean she looks pleasing to the male eye buy she isn't trying to be sexy. She means business but has compassion and an unawareness of how hot she is in that outfit. So she's not one of those girls constantly flicking her hair or looking at a mirror.If there was actress I would say could play Wonder Women hands down it would be Lucy Lawless during her younger days as "Zena the Warrior  Princess" seen below.

           Zach Snider is the director and most people don't have faith in his ability to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen in a good way. One blogger went as far to say that his movies are filled with female subjugation and rapey depictions. He is known for Sucker Punch, 300, Man Of Steel and Dawn Of Dead to name a few. I liked most of movies he did so I'm not as hard on him as most. I will say that he has his work cut for him because Wonder Women has layers to her and she's not just eye candy. You can't treat her like a Sucker Punch character.

            This is why I am partially wary of Gal Gadot playing Wonder Women. For one, as a comic book reader I expect the characters especially the MAIN CHARACTERS to closely resemble the comic book.  You people that have never picked up a comic book just don't get it. You people that never payed attention to this stuff until it appeared on the big screen I can't take what you say seriously. I do find you annoying. You guys harp on sexual reasons for everything and say it doesn't matter how this person looks (particularly the females). That argument makes no sense. For example If I went to see a movie about someone playing sports legend Joe Montana I expect him  to be white, tall with a quarterback physique and accurate (enough)with the football.  I should not see a short guy or a black guy playing him no matter how talented a actor they are. This is why comic enthusiast griping about their characters is valid. Am I the only one that can look at something objectively like this? I think because, comic books are mostly a visual platform it gets mishandled by some people and misunderstood by even more for obvious reasons.

   If Gadot gives a masterful performance and resembles Diana more then I thought she would, I will admit I was a bit off. It is possible she steals the show from Superman and Batman.  Superman "actor Henry Cavill" I see weighted down by all that baggage he is carrying from Man Of Steel. It was a attempt to make him a little darker and more interesting. Batman is already in a dark place but Ben Afleck is at the helm. Ben is a Oscar winner but Batman is not a easy character to make believable. Former Batman Christian Bale admits he thought the Batman suit looked stupid and had to do a growl voice to make himself believe in the character. Wow, I thought he was the best Batman ever. From reading that excerpt it seems he almost did not get the character.That being said I wish Gal Gadot the best and want her to know this is nothing personal I just want the best woman to play this icon. I hope you knock it out the park and prove me and the nay Sayers wrong. I'm not a director so I will assume that Zach, DC and Hollywood at least have a idea what they are doing. Do you have a opinion on this? Who would you have cast as Wonder Women?

Okay, Gal Gadot does look close enough with this picture. Just please don't let them turn you into a bimbo.

Saturday, October 12, 2013



Welcome true believers I have a web comic review for you. it's called Niebla, enjoy enjoy!

PROS: The art and story show promise. The coloring is on a much higher level then I have seen for awhile. There seem to be a good group of characters to journey through the story with.

CONS: When I first came to this site the page loaded really slow. Some time later it loaded slow again! When reading the speech balloons at times it can be confusing of who said what. Some "unbelievable" stuff can happen, more on that later.

LAST WORD: Wow this webcomic has a intriguing storyline that doesn't look typical after 44 pages of reading. Some pages load very slow. I believe it's only the pages that have multiple pictures attached. The coloring is amazing and each page is panel scripted really well. There is one thing that make me a little wary about web comic. That one thing is, lets just say there are two things that happen in this comic that make you say "What The Fudge! I don't want to spoil things but one thing that happens early is a driving force of this story that is promised to be explained later. The second one is bit over the top. I mean the characters are not said to have any type of superhuman powers or durability to survive a certain doomsday moment. Uncanny agility doesn't count. I'll let it slide unless if everyone makes it out "A" okay. That being said it's good story so far.


Urghhh no synopsis. The story evolves around  a young prince who survives a horrible accident and loses someone dear to him. For some reason he's hunted for this incident years later. What really happened that fateful night is what drives you to keep reading.

ART: 8.5
Nice work here. The style fits perfect and expressions of each character on close ups is well done. At times the characters look a bit stiff however. By that I mean their pose just doesn't look fluid or natural.

Wow! Off the freaking charts. Good use of shadows as well. I like how the colors pop and certain scenes have strong mood changes here and there. At times the coloring looks like a fine piece of art.

The story flows nicely and you rarely will be lost. It's no overload of dialog either like some web comics.  It could be some grammar missteps here and there. Let be known this is far from strength of mine but sometimes reading some of the characters comments I have to read them a few times because something doesn't sound right. No misspells as far as I see.

Real nice work here as well. The Comicpress page is well put together. I could not believe there were no ads all over the place. I don't believe I remember seeing that on a web comic... ever! There are ads but only on the intro page and I only saw two. The only website issue is; that there were some sloooow page loading problems at times. Despite that almost all info was easy to find except what this web comic is about. Also you can read this web comic in Spanish if you so choose.
Pretty good. The action was a real page turner in the latest updates but the mystery of what happened "that night" is what kept me reading up to now. I hope the author doesn't drop the ball on this one. It worries me a little because the last two pages was suspect of how anyone could survived that event.

Every Tuesday in full color is passable.

A PR2 and at least 33 likes from facebook at a time may show that this website is building steam.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


UPDATES: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
ARCHIVE: Unknown, not numbered. Appears to be 40+ at least.
GENRE: Live, laugh and love

Yes it's now slow season at my job so I'll have a little more time to do these and draw. I only have a little time before it's Halloween horror nights though so I better get going. Also if you guys are ever looking for me at Xbox live my gamertag is Antione Phoenix. Todays web comic is called Go Get A Roomie. Let's see what it's about.

PROS: You will enjoy a ever evolving art style. Not a easy webcomic to stop reading it's really addictive! Each post is short and sweet. Updates three times a week. You comment on this comic and there is plenty of company.

CONS: It's hard to find much wrong with this webcomic except there isn't a real parental warning. There's a warning but it doesn't prepare you if your could get in trouble easily with someone who freaks out with this type of stuff. Not just at work and especially if you're a minor.

LAST WORD: Wow this one you can't judge by first glance. If you do and decide to skip it you will miss one of the better webcomics out there right now. I haven't touched on the subject of parental warning in any recent reviews but here it goes. Lets say some kid is reading your comic and his parents goes through search history and see your x-rated comic. If your lucky they will only get on the kids case and leave it at that. It you have the unfortunate fate of raising the ire of one those crusader parents you can get a lot of unwanted attention. It may work to you advantage like Miley Cyrus or you may get your sponsorship dropped or you work banned from places. Just saying, I've seen it happen with toys on shelves. NWSF rating doesn't count, because it only states that it's "Not suitable for work" This comic is done more  in a sunday comic form, and yet hits a homerun almost every time.


Follow the adventure of a upbeat hippie, living her life in love and joy. Original enough.

ART: 8.5
I like the art style here and it gets better in later updates. There are even backgrounds when needed.

This is a black and white but the shading looks nice but not spectacular. I think it fits perfect with the comic.

Well done, everything makes sense and no misspells. The pacing is pretty good and there is good continuity for a newspaper strip type of comic.

There are ads but not enough to be distracting. The links appear to work and the pages load fast. There is a forum, about page, fan art and more to see at this site.You easily find information about this webcomic  What a pleasant surprise!
I really like this one and I think you will too. You get short and sweet doses that keep you wanting more.

Three times a week is pretty good.

Hmmm.... despite plenty of updates this web comic has no PR at all. Fortunately for Chloe she does get plenty of comments from  anywhere from six to 25 responses. There may be even more on top of the forum. This does show a decent  fan base.