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CREATOR: Wakcher
COMIC REVIEWER: Antionestrife
Updates: Every Monday Wendnesday and Friday

Welcome to another web comics review! This one will be treat to you but a headache for me. This web comic will be a test -but I'm up for it! Whats different about this web comic and what makes it unique is that the comic is a not drawn in figures but shapes or rather measurements. So grading this will not be easy. That web comic is Circle Vs. Square!

PROS: This web comic is very smart and witty- much like XKCD. The brillant writing will take this comic a long way. It Updates 3 times week for your reading pleasure. Each character can stand on it's own and you can get detailed info about each one. With a page rank of 4 you will have plenty of company in the forum. The site is well put together and is easy to navigate. Each update can be clever and tackle issues surprizingly well.

CONS: It's not funny enough for a comic that can't use visual comedy to help it out. It sometimes gets in a routine that takes it in a big circle from time to time.

LAST WORD: This web comic is special becasue it's different. The art doesn't rub me in the wrong way because- while it's simple it fits the title to a tee. This web comic is well written and can hit plenty of high notes in multiple updates. But it can just as easily get old quick when it draws out something a little too long. Good thing this doesn't happen to much. I sometimes think maybe at least one human character would be good for this comic to give it a face. Only XKCD is written better, in terms of wit and smarts.

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The ever ending war of words between sworn enemies Circle and Square threaten to destroy the natural order of things between the Universe of measurement. I haven't seen anything quite like this online!

Art: 7

The style fits this comic. Yes, it is simple but a circle looks like a circle and square looks like a square. There is no backgrounds drawn in most updates though, That may spice this comic up a bit visually.

Color: 3

There is no coloring or shading here but it's not really needed for this one. But it wouldn't have hurt ether.


Excellent grammar and spelling. Easy to read and follow.This web comic is well written and does great with what it has. The site is well organized and you can find your way around the site easily. The comic updates three times a week so there always a post to go with the archive of 175.


This comic is very interesting when you get the gist of whats going on. This comic is smart and witty all once. I easily found myself reading a chunk of the archive.The character exchanges can be hilarious at times, but its mostly not funny. Once in a awhile this comic will get in a rut that will make most readers fast forward. The website has much to offer.


I'll buy that for a dollar! This comic is interesting and good when you understand what the artist is trying to do. this comic doesn't have breath taking art, but it's not a well drawn but poorly written piece of junk like that web comic "Mistakes of Youth " ether. What it is- is a well written, witty and unique comic that is missing but one ingredient that will push it high into web comic lore. To top it off the creator is one swell guy- so most readers won't mind giving this comic a chance. The web site is always a fun visit and there are plenty of links and wisdom to gain. Check out the daily Wakcherism. and Add to Technorati FavoritesMy Zimbio
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"It sometimes gets in a routine that takes it in a big circle from time to time."

That was on purpose... Right? Right? :P