Saturday, February 21, 2009


CREATOR TEAM: Jeffery “DarkOra” Stevenson
Seth “Dam” Damoose
Anthony “Tony” Lee

COMIC REVIEWER: Antionestrife
Updates: Wendnesdays and Fridays

I know I've haven't done a review for awhile. My fault, I've been busy and little on the war path. So just didn't feel like doing one when I had some time. This comic is a little different and touches on one of my favorite things... mythology! It's called BRAT HALLA and thanks for tuning in fo another web comics review!

PROS: Very nice art, it reminds me allot of Walt Simpson, when he did "The Mighty Thor" from issue 320 to 375 I think. The story has allot of substance and depth. The coloring is old school but it's all good. The web site is well designed and there is plenty of info at your finger tips.

CONS: I read quite a few updates and none really touched my funny bone. While the story is engaging it's not witty or action packed enough which would be okay if it was funny or suspenseful in some way.

LAST WORD: This comic is alright. There is allot there that can grab and hold a readers interest. The only thing that worries me is I had more fun reading XKCD than reading this comic. Things may grow stale after you catch up to what the story is about and it doesn't seem to have the core things that less well drawn or even written comics have. Like ether it has suspense in stead of comedy or wit in stead of action in abundance or a combination of all three. I was not moved to read the whole archive.

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Brat-halla is a web comic about the Norse gods from their elementary school days. All-Father Odin and Frigga constantly have their hands full with Thor and the other little runts. Not bad.

Art: 10

The art style fits and its great to look at . The backgrounds are very good as well.

Color: 9

It's old school paint but it works wonders.


Good grammar and spelling. Easy to read and follow.This web comic is well written and does great with what it has. The site is well organized and you can find your way around the site easily. The comic updates twice a week and there is blogs and much more to see on this site. The story is easy to follow but it is a little long winded.


This web comic is interesting and it's great to look at. But it doesn't have that "wow" factor with the story that will make most readers want to keep reading after digesting allot of words that don't inspire much emotion (laughter, intrigue ect... ) I would suggest If anything" that less words might do more."


Pretty high but...This comic is good and it has allot of readers but I'm always looking for that comic that makes me want to see or want to read more of it. Like I can't wait for the next update! This one doesn't do it for me but it is good enough that most readers like myself will tune in from time to time. and Add to Technorati FavoritesMy Zimbio
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