Sunday, May 24, 2009


CREATORS: BENGO AND PUG? I assume they are nick names, nice touch.
UPDATES:N/A : But it does I think tell you how many total post there are... 250 right?

Now I normally just randomly pick a web comic to review. I will go for the ones high in page rank to obscure to balance it out. I do take request but it may take me time to get to you. Now on to web comic review... todays comic is Lil Nyet The Red Menace.

PROS: This comic looks like most of what I see on line envolving cute fuzzy animals. But I was surprized of how entertaining the story was. I never saw a comic done with a Russian theme, it was a nice change up. This comic is funny at times but what keeps this comic a joy to read is the interesting characters. Love that Baba Yaga! The characters names are easily found in the home page banner, there are even cameo appearances. Now that is original! It's even a page that tells you what the web comic is about and a content warning. YAAY!

CONS: I dont' know when for sure this comic updates. Also when I was flipping through the archives using the "previous page button" at the bottom of the page I found some kind of glitch that had me seeing the Gulitine Pile Driver page over and over again. I eventually gave up and used the top buttons "that are milestones" that show from 50-250.

LAST WORD: This web comic is pretty good. I have to thank Scarcartoonist for sending it to me. Besides that glitch above, I couldn't find too much wrong with it else except that It doesn't say how often it updates. I think it updates a couple of times a week, because when I came back to review it a day later a new page was up. There is sizable archive to read but this is basic web comic page. After you finish reading the previous post you may not have any other reason to hang around. Definitely worth reading!

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Lil Nyet is about human ideals vs. human nature. It's also about ghost, hauntings, hell, Russia literature, tulips, and totaltarianism. Ummm... look at their "about page" for the definition. It's original to me because even though it looks similar to what you have seen it reads different from web comics that share this theme.

Art: 9.5

the art style pops! From the characters to the background; the artist did a good job here.

Color: 9

The coloring is not flashy but works. There is even slight use of shadow here .


Good grammar and spelling. No run on sentences. Easy to follow whats going on and who people are. Site is well put together. You can find milestone numbers of post to what this comic is about. I like how the creators have their characters introduced on the home page banner. Still can't get over the cameo appearance thumb nail idea lol! There is content warning that is easy to find. The one thing that urked me was when I was trying to use the lower "previous page" button. It's some glitch there or something. There could be something else on the site to entertain frequent visitors too. But if they keep updating multiple times a week I guess it won't matter.


There is something about this comic that makes me want to read more. The fact that it's not that funny can only mean that the characters are just plain fun to see in action--I must see what they do next.


Very good. I will keep a eye on this one. I think people will like this type of comic because it looks like that same old duck but doesn't quack like that same old duck. It would be a great cartoon if they decided to go that route. My only gripe is that this site may have a glitch with the page buttons that could drive people nuts. Maybe a daily blog or something to keep people on the site longer? It's not needed but wouldn't hurt ether.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

WEB COMIC REVIEW 016: Failed Objective

First let me say hurray! The web comic review is back! If any of you did not know I had moved from PA to Orlando FL during March 9th so that was one of the reasons I've been in hiatis foooor all so long. Any way enough with the small talk. Today's comic is called...

The creators are: Chad Youngblut (what a name) and Tony Palmisano
The web comic reviewer is none other that me: Antione Strife ( Yeah, my name too)
UPDATES: 1-2 times week

Now cut me slack while try to get back in the groove of things here. FAILED OBJECTIVE is web comic I wanted to see more of before I reviewed it. Now remember I rate things as is and won't go out of my way to praise or crush someone work unless if they really deserve it. If a web comic is very popular and I don't like it it just means I don't get it but they must be doing something right. Now let us begin...

PROS: this comic is some easy reading. Up dates at least twice week. Nothing really goes over your head, the laughs are minimal but they are there. When the creators hit on a joke though it's a riot. ( Check out his May 4 update!) This comic is drawn well enough and the colors do their job. There are links to some of the best web comics online and there is an interesting blog to tune to when updates seem sparse. The site is well put together with comicpress and wordpress.

CONS: This comic somewhat reminds me of most others online I've seen but it's not annoying like most of them ether. Who's who? Unless if you have read this for awhile you can't find out who the characters are. I almost think every web comic deserves a profile page some where on their site.

LAST WORD: This web comic is definitely worth a look. The site is fast no pop ups and previous post are easy to find. You would be surprized how many web comics get that wrong. While I had fun reading this comic for awhile... once the laughs were spread too far between updates and I knew nothing about the characters I was left at a empass.

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Failed Objective is comic about some of the various spoofs between a wacky group of characters that change from post to post. It's funny how you'll become to know their face but not their name. The changing of characters is a nice touch though but it reminds my of to many other web comics.

Art: 7

The art fits what they are trying to do here, but I would like to see some polished improvement on much later post... however.

Color: 8

The coloring works, well enough .


Good grammar and spelling. Easy to read and follow. This web comic is nicely written. The site is well organized with comic press and you can find your way around the site easily. The comic updates at least twice a week, good job Chad and Tony! The characters are interesting but I don't know their names and that's after reading 15 post. There's blog and links to other popular web comics. Can't tell the number of total post, but because it's not a continual story it might not be needed.


This comic can be really funny at times, but mostly it stays in the middle. What is does really well is that it doesn't become predictable from post to post. That's a good thing! This comics team does use a over used theme in web comics but they mix up the characters enough to stand out just a little from the pack.


I like this web comic and what this site has to offer but... not know who's who is driving me nuts. I'm probually the only one that does this but I have to know who people are. Besides that, I wish it was a little more funny but it does do well enough to make me want to check in every couple of weeks when there are a bunch of dates to devore. The creators of this web comic are also some cool guys so stop on by and decide for yourself if this is a Failed Objective. and Add to Technorati FavoritesMy Zimbio
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