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Hmmm... I was meaning to review this one last year and managed to find it again. It has a different art style to most Manga I see. It's called Titan Sphere...

PROS: Very good art and coloring. The story reads and feels like a anime on telivison. Staniel should try to animate this at some point. The web site does look cool and there are other comics you may also find interesting there.

CONS: Updates twice a week but when? This comic started in September so the Archive is small. The page download is kind of slow. I'm guessing this page is some how CSS heavy. I don't see no ads and it doesn't look like too much on the page?

LAST WORD: Not bad this comic is easy on the eyes and the action scenes are well thought out and put together. Some heads up of when this comic updates would be nice though. Updating twice a week in color and with good art is not bad. Staniel needs to network more because  one score at the end killed him. He could of easily got a 9.0 if that was a little better. Still this is comic I will start reading, do check this one out! Damn, I wish I never had that big gap when I stopped drawing in my life, I would be better than what I am now like this guy.


History has it that Titans used to roam the planet of Gaia and that these beings also carried within them each element that makes up the world. The Titans that walked the earth but also found a way to live amongst humans gaining more to their servitude life under the Gods. Now this my kind of story! Opps must keep personal opinions to the minimum!

ART: 9.5
Very good and the stlye is a bit different from standard anime. Backgrounds are drawn well enough. It is not perfected yet because the hands are sometimes a bit off. Maybe his only real drawing weakness at times.

 The color action affects are great! The use of shadows and highlights is even better. The backgound color just doesn't pop like Drowtales however...

This story is mostly easy to follow and nicely written. Spelling and grammar look almost perfect because there was only one word error I saw.

Very well put together web site and very organized. It is not much else see for this comic but there are links to other interesting comics. The only real problem was that page loads was quite slow for me anyway.

I easily enjoyed this one and the battles scenes are awsome.

Twice a week in full color and drawing this well, is quite good.

With no page Rank and only a few comments here and there... this well drawn and written comic is going unnoticed. lets change that. Some of you guys read that Dinosaur comic. I'm being sarcastic! This artst and this whole site might want to network a lot more.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I haven't been able to do web comic reviews like want since I have been so busy but I still have some important info to share. The Berkshire Hathaway is back up. This may mean good news for stock market. Wow, record temperatures follow snow fall in San Francisco.  Persistent rain showers forced NHRA officials to cancel qualifying runs Friday at the NHRA Winternationals. I saw the motor city comercials and one car turned some heads. The Detroit Autorama is in full swing at Cobo Center. I'm a little leary but I will probally watch Young Justice Season 1, Episode 6 'Infiltrator' airs on Cartoon Network at 7.00pm.

Friday, February 25, 2011


CREATORS: Various artist: Ryan Hawkins, Ernie Chan, Writers: Andrew Zar and many others
UPDATES: I can't see or can tell when this comic updates.
STATUS: Last updated this Feburary
ARCHIVE: 5 web comics with atleast 5 complete books each.

I guess my war path on the overated web comics online will have to wait a bit. I promised I would review this comic again after it scored a bit low 6.5 to be exact. The creators made a lot of changes that should raise that score in big way. To remind you agian this isn't one comic per say but a series of comics. My favorite was Mirror, Mirror. As before I will review the site and the comics as one entity. Todays review will be on You may ask why I did it this way... read on and you'll find out.

PROS: This is a unique type of comic concept and that is why it won the "2011 Most Original Concept Award"!  Your also in luck on this site because you wil be able to read and hear not one but five web comics. You also get great art, decent voice acting, and music.  There are multiple genres to chose from like fantasy, adventure, sci fi, action, drama and even horror! Each one looks to be interesting in it's own way. You can even influence the story with choices that you can make. They have a "About" page that you can hear what this site is all about. You can also see the various artist and talent, who is envolved with this comic. When you make a account with this web comic site you can adjust seetings to your preference of gore and nudity. They even have new stories on there way.

CONS: "Wow they cleaned up just about every thing".  The page functions are a lot better after some explaintion but it is not as good or as fluid as another web comic with sound called Turbo Defiant Kimecan.

LAST WORD: One of the best concepts I came across online. The page functions and the story choices can be increased in size by right click and zooming in to the art work. You will see these stories come to life before your very eyes. I was very pleased and thankful they fixed or better explained many of the problems I had with this comic before. Good job guys and girls!

CONCEPT: 10 is web comic studio that produces graphic novel quality art and story with voice acting and music. Web comics that talk and have music are pretty original or are still new to the genre. I have heard people talk about doing comics like this, but this is the first web comic that has done it effectively.

ART: 10
Top notch art that is polished and detailed on every comic.

Also a strong point of all the comics on DarkBrain.

No misspells or bad grammar I could see. The writing can be scene with the of the  tweeking controls. All the stories are easy to understand and follow.

The website looks the same but feels better... NOW that you can actually see what you need to press with some page enlarging tweeks. It loads fast, with not too many ads. The comics size can also be manipulated and all info now can be easily found.

 Despite the size issue these comics can be easily enjoyed. But turning a page and making choices might take the fun out of it from time to time. While we're on that subject, you can only make choices when you made a account with this site.  I just did.

It still doesn't say when, or I can't find it. I will say that when they put out a comic; they put out a entire issue at one time. So you have a whole book and not just a page read form what I saw. When you make a account your comic becomes your story and it extends from there.

You guys need to improve this score asap. I know plenty of people will like this comic. Keep promoting! On one of the pages I saw a "page rank of 2". I think most people have never heard of these comics let alone their website. That's why I chose them. I did see some of their work posted on Deviate art.  DarkBrain has made some major improvements and you guys would love this more than most of those other overated comics online. Highly recommended!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Gameflynews Center: Metal Gear Solid 4: Review

This is old game now but this guy reminds us how great a game Metal Gears Solid 4 was. I played and ended almost all the Metal Gear Solid games even remember the old school one. I haven't played this one and may never will... Any time soon that is because I own a 360. If you haven't played this one yet. Please do check this out. I always heard it was great and the cut scenes was to die for. The Gameflynews Center: Metal Gear Solid 4: Review


Wow I have some important news to share! They announced there may be millions of unclaimed money floating around! Some other odd news is that one person recommend that Wedge Salad may be more than Wedge Salad. Some how this must makes a little sense... I don't watch American Idol at all but some of you may want to know about their top 24. Some dangerous treatment known as the Brazilian Blowout is big with Americans right now. I thought that girl in the Old Navy AD looked like Kim Kardashian! Her name is Milissa Molinaro. Survivor Redemption Island is coming, the count down has begun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



                      Halo Reach, baby! If you have not played this game yet, you might want to grab it now. I must admit... this is only the second Halo game I played. I told you before I just got my first X-box. I was always Playstion 1-2 die hard. Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised, it really delivers! I love most RPG's but this one has a great story and the fighting is fast furious! Your mission starts almost as soon as the game begins. While I did enjoy this game there was some things that did drive me nuts. In the later missions you are really are own. You have help but they die too quick. Unless if you have one of your immortal teammates beside you. Despite that, you are the one that has to do most of the major killing. In the harder fights that teammate becomes more of a decoy if you can get the enemies to not notice "you".I'm playing on the "Heroic level" so it is a bit hard. I normally won't crank up a game to the hardest setting on the first play through. It's not for just for me but for my games safety. Back in the day I almost beat my Nintendo to the point of death more than once with those games that was insanely hard. Castellvania, Ninja Gaiden, Section Z ext... to name a few. I want a challenge but not too much of a challenge.
                  I could right a long review on this one but I'm pressed on time. I will say the graphics and the game control are great. The story as a said is very good and you should have plenty of fun playing solo or friend. I highly recommend this game to you guys! Buy it now! If you have 360 that is. Watch the video.

Sunday, February 20, 2011




Okay this is going to be one of my first victims of the overrated PR web comics. This one has a PR of 7?! I'm sure this comic has it's fans and you might be one of them, but this comic annoyed me way more the that infamous stick figure comic. I will not even link to this.This comic has enough links I think. It's ashame I have to do this because this comic creator seems to be a nice guy, but the Page Rank just drove me nuts! It's called Dinosaur Comics...

PROS: You don't have to fear missing updates. The pictures are always the same. The creator seems to be swell guy. Website does load fast and has some other interesting things to see. the Arhive while not numbered is suprizingly easy to navigate.

CONS: The web comic is the most easy web comic to produce I know of. What I mean is the creator just has put new words for each update. The post pictures remain the same for ever and ever. Because the pictures look the same you have to wonder if this comic updated at all. For once though this doesn't matter much.

LAST WORD: Because the artist seems likable I am not going to punish this comic too much. I would be way to easy anyway. I can't believe I'm saying this but this comic is easier to produce than XYKD! How do you get a page rank of 7 with this?! The creator does seem to be cool person but the high PR really bothered me . Nothing personal Ryan, your comic has it's place, but I just can't put it up there with some of more talented artist online. I would read this in magazine if I was bored. I'm not saying this comic is bad. I'm saying it's overated.


 Dinosaur Comics is a comic about talking dinosaurs! It appears online and also in print in some newspapers and magazines! There is an RSS feed and a LiveJournal feed and a Twitter feed for the comics. If you want to learn more there is always the Dinosaur Comics Wikipedia entry, filled to the brim with wild half-truths and innuendo. If you want to support the comic, maybe buy some sweet merchandise? It's awesome I PROMISE he says. I don't think so. Not the comic anyway. It is original if not anything else. Only in the fact that pictures never change.

ART: 1.0
Maybe he drawed the first dinosuar post, but he doesn't draw anymore after that. I can't believe some one scored lower than a stick figure comic here!

Maybe he colored the first post but after that... notta.

This comics strong point. Well written and post generally make sense. Spelling and grammar are flawless. Well it should be.

Not a bad website it does load fast and there are not too many ads. The colors are okay too.

This comic wasn't funny to me. I could pass some time reading it though but only at a place that I have wait for something, like Doctor's office. I guess the same pictures again and again would slowly drive me crazy.

He doesn't say, but the archive shows just about every day. With a comic that easy to produce it should be updated every day. Minus a point for no effort in the art department.

(Sigh) I can't tell by the amount of readers or comments only the PR of 7. Unbelievable! I can't give extra points for this comic. I feel too strongly about how this comic is so high in search engine.


A Prelude to the Massacre...

          Let me first say I appreciate all you who read my blog. Thanks for your support but I must give fair warning to those who read my blog. You might not like what I have to say this time. Which is cool. I can only be myself and be real as I can be. Right now I don't feel like being polite and maybe for the rest of the month I will be in rare form, when it comes to web comic reviews. After being hard on myself I am in no mood to let these so called great web comics get a free pass. As of today I will be bringing the fire to overrated web comics that are on my radar! What sparked it you ask? Who can say. Maybe it's just that time of the month LOL. I am always fair in my reviews but I do let plenty of things slide. Except my pet pes which are "small ass fonts", "stick figures" and stories that don't make a lick of sense.... Now after seeing the list of the top web comics online I had to say something. Simply because I STRONGLY disagree. So what they have Page Ranks of 7 and higher? Then again that is the point! Why is the most crappy drawn comics at the top of the heap? I almost lost it 2 years ago with the XKYD review. I know it has a lot of fans but it's still a stick figure comic!

           Not all of them I have a gripe with, but some of them really made me scratch my head. Penny Arcade and few others are the only ones in this group that I can say seem to deserve there high PR's. The rest of these are trash! Still even Penny Arcade is going to "get it" this time around, though. I let a few things slide with them with my reviews of them. The honey moon is officially over. I will give them that respect for their PR and some of there business ventures. I no longer look at them thru rose colored glasses.

         These so called high Page Rank web comics don't even have the comments to support their insane PR. I mean is all of them sucking a Google exec's nuts or what?! Or is it some kind of web comic illuminati shit going on. So to ALL you overrated web comics with the over flatted PR" I will be putting you on blast! Feel free to respond, especially if you disagree. So I won't be censoring comments, that is a bitch move anyway. Bring it.

       It just seems a ashame that the web comics that seem to put the hardest work should get more PR love. Not all them can be non Internet savvy. The best web comics on line should be picked by there artistic and story telling ability. Also judged on the web page design, how many readers they have and on their coloring or cell shading skills. Not one category but all. These web comics in question seem to be picked on solely their page rank and that is bullshit! So what if I piss them off? Some them should be knocked off there high hoarse, if even for a second.

What's the worst they can do?

Ban me from their sites? Oh Penny Arcade already did that!

They won't  link to me? It's not like THEY link to me anyway, so what the fuck?

You can leave nasty comments, I won't filter. To tell you truth I could use more comments, so speak up.

Just try not to be bitch and sign as Anonymous. So I won't be picking on the small fry web comics, it's the big fish I am after. Let the Massacre begin...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 TRENDY 02: What's going on today

It seems that the unrest in Egypt is getting out of control! CBS News' Lara Logan is in a Hospital Following a "Brutal" Attack in Egypt. Wow it looks like things are heating up at the white house. There is Cheney Stand Down Order  in affect. Acer says that being dumb is not cool and To Underestimate The Iconia Smart is Pure Stupidity,because they announced a new smart phone which uses the gingerbread operating system. I wonder if you can eat it. Will Lil Wayne And Eminem's Bonnaroo Visit Make Way For More 'Street' Hip Hop ... also it seems some where Tina Turner is singing "What's Love Got to do with it". Frankie Muniz Fights with Girlfriend Elycia Turnbow: Cops Called! Ain't love grand! More white house drama as President Obama pushes for Bill Russell statue plus Stan Musial Receives Medal of Freedom. Hooray! Some of you may be pleased to hear that OJ Simpson Was Brutally Beaten in Prison, Prison Officials do deny this. Yeah right! Readers of the famous magazine Sports Illustrated will like that Swimsuit Cover Model Irina Shayk Wants to Play a Russian Spy but in what movie? To top it off, you may surprised to here that a Reporter suffered a Stroke At 2011 Grammy's? Some guys are trying real hard to sell a piano on Craglist. Is it haunted or something...John Brothers Piano Company play SF streets. One man drowns his wife and plays Xbox after. Those looking for jobs may want to check out Home Depot who might be hiring in a city near you. So Mile Cyrus does have mom? She had lunch with her, or so they say.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


ARCHIVE: 28 ( I restarted over on my own home site.) 103 on Drunk Duck

Alright for those who don't remember, I reviewed my own comic and not on a curve some years ago when I smashes quite a few comics and made some enemies. I just wanted to show how hard I am on myself. When I am not using positive speech that is. You can still find my most up to date stuff on the Drunk Duck link but I needed my my own site. Two years ago I went through a hard time and my original home site went down. To make sure that doesn't happen again I'm using Blogger not Comicpress. Don't get me wrong Comicpress is the best to use for your own web comic. But you need a host and I don't have the extra money to throw away this time. Thats another story but todays comic is Rain Of Gods. I won't cut my self any slack! But after I rip myself to shreds-- the next few webcomics... I won't be playing play nice at all.

PROS: You can watch as I grow as artist after each update. The first chapter was done on paper and then I had to learn how to draw with the mouse when I moved to the second chapter(Danm that was hard!). Now I use the tablet. ( I know, I know I am late as hell on finally using that!) The website loads fast and responds well and after months of searching I finally found the right script to run a web comic on-- using blogger. To be honest they just updated their templates and this one was perfect. Unlike most web comics I have a lot of content and other activities you can enjoy while surfing my site and links.

CONS: I was on hiatus for over a year. My newer updates are not done on a timely manner. I still have misspells from time to time. I'm using Blogger while most of you who use Comicpress may be a little lost trying to navigate my site underneath the art work. There may be too many characters and story lines for most who are used to reading a "gag a post" comic. I do not draw almost any of the bad ass backgrounds you see yet. I borrow them or ask to use them from some really great artist. I'm still not happy with my own work, over all. I need more practice!

LAST WORD: I have improved and the story is unfolding nicely. I need to update my new stuff more frequently. If I ever profit from my web comic work I will pay those artist that let me use those backgrounds a fair percentage. Believe that! I don't know where I stand on the web comic landscape... there are so many good ones out there. I want to get better in all aspects in my web comic art. I want to be the first web comic that does it all and reaches a high PR or following with out being a simple gag comic. Lets see where my score is now...last time was a 6.5 I think.


Rain Of Gods is the fiirst Manga Splice that story revolves around a love story a conquest for power and untold tales of the various Patheaons. I know this was never done on this level but I have some more tweeking of the story to be done.

ART: 8.0
I got better but until I can do the kind of backgounds I want, I still have a ways to go.

Also a work in progress but better.

I'm glad I don't make the slew of mistakes I used with spelling and grammar,  but I still have work to do. Sometimes my story is hard to follow, when I jump to different places and times. I'm working on that one.

I do like Comic Press templates better but I'm on budget. My site is well organized and there is much to see and do there. The page loads fast and looks good. However, some of the usual Blooger functions are pushed down below the art work, where you might miss it. I have to tweek each post but navigation is easy.

Most have enjoyed reading my story but sometimes my pages are a bit wordy.

On my home site--I  post 3 times a week in full color but for my newer stuff... there will be a wait.

I am known on Drunk Duck and do get 1-5 comments a post.  On my home site I get just about 1 comment a post. I still don't have a PR after almost 3 months. (Yes, I know all about building back links!) My stats for now is not at all impressive! I guess, I'll have to work on that. Lucky for me-- my "I Am Legend" Blog does get a bit of traffic and helps this comic a bit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


        Wow I picked up some interesting news on the wire. Some of these topics may be hohum but some you might want read up on. Feel free to click the links. In basket ball Jerry Sloan retires. He was a coach of the Utah Jazz since the hay days of Stockton and Malone. Tyrone Corbin the team's new coach is ready to take over. In my home town of Philadelphia there was a gas explosion in Allentown PA. Also Peggy Rea age 89 of the original Dukes of Hazard died. Believe it or not there is new X-Men Movie on the way! Called X-men first class. Looks like you'll see Professor X and Magneto in there younger days. Do check this link out! Believe it or not you might get a stroke from Diet soda? For real! I don't drink that crap so I'm not worried about that one. What is it about Pageants having their contestant winners be figs or paper weights? Miss San Antonio Domonique Ramirez was told to get off the Tacos'. Not cool especially since she's only 5'8" and 129 pounds. The judges or insecure females must not like woman with curves. Yes I said it! It is what is.



What a wild weekend. I'm still bummed out because the Steelers lost. Anyway I have another web comic review to share with you today. It's called Turbo Defiant Kimecan now there two versions! The regular page comic version which was the firstt one and the Turbo which uses a unique panel function!

PROS: The quality of art and coloring is top notch. You will like the unique way of how you read this comic. Each panel comes alive and the loading is quick. Most info is easy to find. You can read this comic on your mobile phone!

CONS: While the unique way you can read this comic is nice touch. The constant adjusting of the page after each click is a little annoying.Well... it was for me. Then again if you read the directions like (I did not at first) on the first page of the Turbo, this won't be issue. This comic updates once a week but instead of the normal whole page update he may do only do a one "panel" a week update? That may be too long a wait to some. I'm going by what I read, so I could be wrong.

LAST WORD: This comic has unique reading formate that will pull you in. The story is interesting and the art and coloring is great. I found after reading more of this comic that it's must easier to read if you jus click where the pictures appear that way you don't have to keep centering the page. Live and learn! Once you finish with the archive you may wonder when he will begin to update a lot more than he does. I'm sorry but a "one panel" update a week is unacceptable. Tell me if I'm wrong. Unless if he means one "whole" page done with in a week. Still-- a little more would be nice. I only left some of those CONs up there because some of you may miss the directions too LOL. Plus the two different style formates of the comics to chose to read from may confuse you as well. I did not see directions or other options when I was reading this the first couple of times.


Turbo Defiant Kimecan is an online graphic novel that updates once a week, a story told in our very own crafted Turbo Format. The best of all is that is for FREE, but this effort is quite more demanding than the usual webcomic. It takes approximately 2 or 3 days per update and although I take care of all the art and story, there is a whole crew of good friends working with me on the creative development, formatting, programming, copy editing and translation, so this experience is delivered to you in the best possible way. We have even included a Standard HTML version recently too for those with mobile devices so there’s Turbo for everyone. A very unique concept.

ART: 10
This artist is the rael deal. Looks professional and like a cartoon. Great job!

Few colorist reach this level, while Red's planet does more affects better than almost all web comics I read except Drowtales. This comic kicks some ass as well.

No misspells and the story is easy to understand and follow. Grammar also looks about perfect.

This is where this comic takes it's first dip. the web page is decent but it's lacking something and it's not good as some of the other "web comic page templates" I reviewed over the last 2 years. I'm not saying it's bad! It loads fast and it is well organized but some of the ads just look like it was thrown on the page. 

After figuring out how to better read this comic by clicking right where the pictures appear. This comic was a blast to read!

After some further reading I found he does a full update a page. Just the Turbo version was confusing me. Because of the quality of art and coloring and the difficulty fo producing this style comic the score is a bit higher than other color comics that post once a week. 

Once again I have come across a great web comic that doesn't seem to have too huge a following or page rank. I guess the artist does so much work on the comic and has no energy to self promote much. He does have a PR or 2 and does get comments on the normal version of this comic. I will even promote this comic some because he should be more well known!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My web comic updating has slowed down much since I'm trying to put together a decent animation of some kind. I have some big ideas for my Manga splice and Being just another web comic won't be enough. I'm trying to master Blender or Daz studio which is no easy task and also am trying Anime Studio. I've done some stuff but it looks like slop so I'm not putting out anything until I put someting nice together. Perhaps you play around with animation program too. If so this video may help you. I should be putting out web comic review later tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


               Whoo hoo I was able to switch shifts today and see the game! I assume everyone should be preparing for the Super Bowl. I sure as hell am! What team are you routing for? I want the Pittsburgh Steelers to win! I am not a Steelers fan ether. Green Bay knocked my home town team the Eagles out of it and rode of some ridiculous wave to the Super Bowl! Yes I said it. Green Bay was supposed to not have running game and then found one when the playoffs began. How often does that happen? I think like never. I hope Green Bay's lucky streak is over!

                The Super Bowl should start at 6:30 pm on Fox after 6 hours plus of endless pregame talk, which I won't watch. I will watch some but by now you ether know who the Steelers and Green Bay are or you don't. One interesting fact is neither team has cheerleaders. Wow, I thought all NFL teams had them. This is news to me and this will the first Super Bowl with no cheerleaders. I guess I will watch the Puppy Bowl ( Opps, I think it's on now!) at some point when it comes on. Last year was the first time I watched it and it wasn't bad. The game was... some what wacky. The dogs were doing there own thing and I forgot who won.

               Ah yes! You need snacks and this is the time to get them. My wife and I will be having pizza and my snack of choice are Spicy Dorritos! Which I loaded up on, yesterday. For some reason Ritz crackers are all the rave for snacks or so they say. Not really my thing but I'll eat them with the right toping. Then again I just want to eat the snack not try to make it as I'm watching the game. So there will be no web comic review today guys. Wonder what crazy commercials or controversies they will have this year? Who can forget the Janet Jackson's nipple or the girl on girl action beer comercial?! Thanks for all your support and enjoy the game! Go Steelers! Also check out what my wife had to say here.

Friday, February 4, 2011


CREATORS: Jason Brubaker

Shame on me... for not ever hearing of this one. This is one gem I am glad to share with you. It's called ReMIND and this comic really took me by surprise. There are some little things that threw me off but they were real minor. Lets begin!

PROS: Another kick ass artist with his own unique style in the Manga genre. It is also done is color. A nicely organized site with no page load problems. This is one of the few web comics I have seen that have some really good resources for learn something. This is another artist that puts a lot of work into his backgrounds.

CONS: I looked every where but it doesn't say when this comic updates. He misspells at times here and there and punctuation is a issue at times. Yes I know, I'm one to talk!

LAST WORD: Another Diamond in the ruff. The story is interesting and not predictable. It does start slow but not too slow. The visuals and the panel page lay outs will have you flipping through updates a plenty. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that struggles with spelling in being a artist/writer. I highly recommend this one.


reMIND is a mystical, sci-fi about faith, love and brain transplantation.

Sonja, the lighthouse keeper at a seaside oil drilling town, loses her cat, Victuals. Everyone blames the Lizard Man, the local boogeyman, which Sonja knows is a myth created by her late father to generate interest in the town. But when Victuals unexpectedly returns and has the brain of a strange intelligent creature; it seems someone is doing experimental transplants.

With the brain of a lizard and the body of a cat, Victuals must now fight to recover his original lizard body and confront what he thought was the all-powerful god.
Antionestrife says " This one is interesting and original!"

ART: 9.5
I like the style and it looks good and different. The background really look good! The girl Sonja and the Cat look like they drawn by two different artsist. That can be a good thing or bad thing dependening on your taste.

Also well done. It fits the art style perfectly.

You may notice misspells  appear and will corrected in a timely manner. Punctuation may also take a hit here and there. The creator does forewarn you about this.  The story still flows nicley and is easy to understand.

I like what Jason did to this template it looks great. Some pages load slow and some don't. This was after a closer look of reading more post. The is a lot of other content to see in this site as well. Forum and Resources to name just a few.

The story is a little slow at first but the visuals kept me flipping pages until things picked up. The characters are interesing and funny at times.

It does not say! You guys know I hate to guess. From the level of art work and the total page count number. I will say maybe once a week.  Minus 2 points for not saying. New readers would want to know, Jason.

Another Page Rake Fatality and unlike the last web comic I reviewed yesterday, this comic is not new. It's been out since Sept. 09, 2009.  It has almost a "Page Rank of 1" Good news Jason! In the last few post I read, ReMIND does get about 12-20 comments a post. So grading this was not easy at all, but Fan Comments do count especially if your PR is low!

Thursday, February 3, 2011



Looks like another young buck comic, 22 pages young. The background art is nothing to sneeze about though. Todays web comic is called Twilight Monk. Lets see what up with this one.

PROS: The background art is boss! Don't get me wrong I like the character drawing-- but the backgrounds are what gave me pause! A very interesting comic! the first few updates grabbed me by the neck to continue reading. I like the lay out of this web site. Information so is easy to find. The creator is very likable and does comment frequently with his growing fans.

CONS: This is a "black and white" comic that only updates just once a week. Not much of a archive yet.

LAST WORD: Wayrift made me re access my take on black and white comics and this one also makes me want to tune in each week. Perhaps the creator will begin to post more updates a week eventually. The web site looks good and behaves even better. As long as he keep updating I highly recommend this one. Hey! Don't fans of this comic get in arms over the overal score of this Manga. It did pretty good plus it is still a new kid on the block. But do comment more on this comic or somehting if you want it to do better next time.


The story follows a cursed monk (Mao) as he ventures out from his monastery and home, to find a cure to his affliction. This story is really unique and so far the story is really gripping.

ART: 9.0
Very good. Especially the background art. Better then most web comics I have seen. His figure drawing style also stands out.

His shading is good for a Manga. I've seen better though and a better use of shadows by some of the other well done "black and white" comics.

 The story is easy enough to take in and understand. There are misspells abound, but I only saw one from what I read. Everything else looks good.

Impressive for a 6 month year old comic.  The page Loads fast and it is not Ad heavy.  Easy to find info and everything is explained. Great job Trent! 

So far this comic is lights out in holding your attention. The creator (Trent) just has to maintain this level of excellence. No pressure...

Hmmm... This comic is still kinda new just one post a week isn't so bad. But a artist doing a "black and white" Manga should be able to muster at least 2 post a week. I'm just saying.

This comic is starting to develope a fan base with 2-10 comments.  Page Rank is still in it's infancy. So hence the low score. I heard through the grape vine that Google will do away with Page Rank.  I use that as measuring stick because  some web comics get a a lot of play and some don't. Some popular web comics don't get many comments but have a high page rank. I just will say that for now I can't tell how popular a comic is unless if I see ether comments or readers or Page Rank. So to all my readers take "note".