Sunday, November 25, 2012


I've been so busy but I recently go a window to get some stuff out the way I hope to finish the one animation I was working on for over. I trying something different this new year. I'll be spotlighting artist that have great talent but be more of a free lancer. Also it will be  artist work that just doesn't center around comic book art. The artist today is Judit Tondora. I guess I'll pick people that there work inspires me.

She shows range on a depiction of Prometheus above, and some cool sketches below of her other work The Station. I'm not sure what stage she is in but I'm curious on what it is about.

           Her art stands out because of the realism of her characters. They're not super endowed nor super thin. I have a hard time reaching that right balance so I normally tend to go for curvy for the women of coarse) muscular for the men. As of late I decided since I have so many characters in creation I will let at least some look a bit more realistic. Especially since guys and girls come in different shapes and sizes. Looking through more of her work I notice that she has mad skills at coloring and shading. A more accomplished artist can be rare to find. It's cool to see there are more female comic artist out there. In my circles they are still not in plentiful supply. Judit has also did some collaboration work with writers, colorist, and editors and even other artist of the highest talent. I always wondered how that would work with another artist.  My style would clash with most art styles I think. She also does freelance, so if your looking for a artist for a project she may be your gal.


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