Thursday, March 7, 2013



Happy birthday to me! I guess you guys are the one who get the gift. Here we go with another web comic review and after those few black and white web comics it's time for some color and some nuns. Introducing Sister Clair and the holy church of kick ass!

PROS: Wow this webcomic a really different, nothing quite like it online I've seen. The main character is likable and the supporting cast is also surprisingly good. I flipped thru 2 chapters easy and had to force myself to stop to start writing this review! The art work has a cool cartoony style and story moves along rather nicely even with no early action. There is a cast page and I haven't seen one of them on a web comic site in awhile. No page button problems here. One of the better web comic page plans I've seen I will be taking notes from the creator here.

CONS: Hmmm... let's see. Nothing really stands out. I just don't know the name of who does this comic for sure. Yumino? The web page while nice could have been put together a little better.

LAST WORD: I found nothing really annoying about this web comic. There is a forum and there are few other things to see while you visit. New readers will have a  nice size archive and the pages load fast. I don't know the name of who the creator is, despite knowing how they look. I don't know what the "connect" page is for? Maybe it's not done yet. I recommend this one for you guys. I think most of you will like it. To top it off I also was impressed on how the creator put his web comic pages together. I might start rating on this!


Sister Claire is a novice nun, and all she ever wanted was to have a purpose. In answer to her prayers, a beautiful blue businesswoman named Gabrielle explodes out her toilet and tells her she’s pregnant with the new Messiah.  Could this miracle be a tied to the Nun’s dubious crusade against the Witches?   As her simple black and white world gives way to a startlingly technicolor reality. 

ART: 8.5
The artist draws characters in perspective well. The backgrounds are done fair enough. 

I love color and the artist chooses the colors well for each scene to set the mood  and enhance facial expression. The use of shadows give depth to each scene. The use of special affects are almost non existent, however.

One of the better written or easy to read webcomics I've seen this year. At no point was I confused who said what. That being said spelling and grammar look A okay!

WEB PAGE:  8.0
While the web page looks fine, something looks like it could be better. I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe something  with ad placement? Beside that the web site offers a forum and Cast info. All info is easy to find except the name of the person who does this web comic. There is email address but the name doesn't fit the person I see.

I'll just say this web comic isn't easy to stop reading. The suspense which isn't heavy is enough to keep you flipping pages. Also things happen you would not expect to happen, which I love!

Once a week in color on top of  decent art work isn't bad at all.

This web comic gets comments near the level of Wayrift. One page I saw 61 comments!. This web comic has a PR 4! Not to shabby, for some reason getting past a page rank of 3 is a pain.. 


Tad said...

Sounds interesting, I may have to check this one out. Always been curious though, how do you work out the PR score?

Antione Strife said...

Thanks for commenting Tad. Hmm mm... this is the hardest one for web comic to score well on.For some reason most of the web comics I don't care for score very high here; PR 5-PR 8 to be exact. I go mainly by there PR rank. If you use Google page ranker put in the address of the web comic and you'll get the score. for example I'll give a web comic that has a Page rank of 4 a Popularity rank of 4. However, if that web comic get's a lot comments or has a strong forum I'll give that web comic a few points more. 1-2 points depending on some other factors. May even boost this score if I think a web comic has nailed every other category but is a little weak there and is deserving of a higher over all score. So Facebook likes and Diggs would help a persons score. Hope that answers your question.

Tad said...

Thank you, I hadn't heard of Google Page Rank before. That's actually quite interesting. It's nice to see it for my own webcomic too (3 as it happens). I just ran a few others through it to and found some of the comics I read score pretty low too which seems a shame.

Antione Strife said...

I know. A lot of the poorly drawn comics books that update just about everyday. Have high PR's. Some of it is they link together and some of it they are great at getting people to hop on the bandwagon.Like or not PR seems to matter. Check out those sites like Facebook for example. Facebook has PR of 9 for example! That's mainly from the billions of traffic they muster every few of hours each day. They also get insane amount of back links. Which tells you the only way a web comic could do that is if they some how develop into a social community site. Forums do seem to help.Penny Arcade and that "stick figure thing" shine in that area.